“A Prague Night”- the new publication in English by Pavel Pepperstein

New publication from Artwords Press July 2014

A Prague Night

by Pavel Pepperstein

An illustrated novel by one of Russia’s most prominent artists

Represented Russia at the Venice Biennale 2009

Currently exhibiting in Manifesta 10 and Before Normal: Concept after Concept, Museet for Samtidskunst

Founding member of Inspection Medical Hermeneutics

Accompanies an increasing number of visual artists and curators/critics now publishing fiction – Jake Chapman, Brian Dillon, Katrina Palmer, Maria Fusco, Jenifer Higgie, etc.

Pavel Pepperstein is an internationally known artist, having exhibited at the Moscow Biennial (2007) and the Valencia Biennial (2003) amongst others. In Russia he is also a best-selling novelist. A Prague Night is his first book translated into English.


A Prague Night, Pavel Pepperstein’s metaphysical novel, takes place on Walpurgis Night, the ancient Central European spring festival when winter is ceremoniously brought to its end through the celebration and re-enactment of myth. Ilya Korolenko, a hired assassin, a top-flight killer who shoots from any distance and never misses, is in Prague to hunt down and kill the disgraced oligarch Orlov. Korolenko is a romantic, nostalgic for an idealised Russia of the past, who despises the corruption, greed, and idolisation of wealth that western capitalism has brought to his country. Having made his kill in the cathedral of St Vitus, Korolenko heads to a conference on Prague Spring and 1968. There he meets the seductive and radical Ellie Warbis, daughter of Americans whose lifestyle she hates, who proposes sex as brotherhood and sisterhood in the struggle for freedom. Together they attend a party thrown by her wealthy tycoon father, which proves to be a gateway to the wild festivities and transformations of the night of the witches…

208 pages, 114 B&W illustrations
Case bound with dust jacket, 178mm x 111mm
ISBN 978-1-906441-30-2
£12.00 trade distribution Central Books


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