New collaboration with the fashion label DELADA

The fashion label DELADA has licenced several of Pepperstein’s images, including from the series Breaking the Ice, for its new 2019 Spring Collection. Breaking the Ice is inspired by a cycle of narrative poetry by Mikhail Kuzmin, The Trout Breaks the Ice (1929), in which the author attempts to break away from literary tradition and challenges the social norms and taboos of the time. Using psychedelic associations Pepperstein aims to achieve the effect of complete and utter freedom and even verges on the absurd notion of freedom from freedom itself. It is the ultimate triumph over any social and cultural constraints.

Delada 3 jpg        Delada 2Delada 9        Delada 1
Images © DELADA

Pepperstein-Breaking Ice 1
The babushkas are breaking the ice (from the series Breaking the ice), watercolour on paper, 2013
Image © Pavel Pepperstein
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