The Israel Museum, Jerusalem has acquired several works by Pepperstein for its permanent collection

Pepperstein-The way of communication in the year 5781, 2017
In 5781, two new types of speech, with their concomitant behaviours, will become fashionable – triangular and circular speech. Triangular speech will be especially noticeable among men over the age of fifty. Circular speech will be very popular among young girls. The union of an elderly gentleman with a young girl will be called a “triangle inscribed in a circle”. 

Pepperstein-The Malevich Tower, 2017A skyscraper named the Malevich Tower (or Black Cube), erected in 2513, will provoke wide debate in Russian society. Critics will talk of the gloomy and overwhelming nature of the building, intended to house the Russian government, arguing that it symbolizes the traditional opacity of the Russian authorities’ actions. Supporters, however, will point to the extraordinary feeling of heavenly space unfolding around an unprecedented building whose walls are opaque only when viewed from the outside, while from the inside they are completely transparent and even have special optical properties that make it possible to see far into the distance, distinguishing what is seen in the tiniest detail.

Text & Images © Pavel Pepperstein                                                        


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