THE VOLUNTARY DISAPPEARANCE OF THE HUMAN RACE (from the book “The Secrets of our time”)


It is all very simple, and not much is required of human beings. Merely not to cause pain, not to torment, not to defile and to use a certain degrees of caution in mating with each other – so that no children are born. In order to limit the birth rate, childhood must become a universal condition once again. It is essential to support ecological programmes, in order to heal the consequences of our presence on the Earth. The task facing the human race is one of delicate self-removal without the use of wars and cruel devices. Simply to have fewer and fewer children and at the same time “heal the wounds of the Earth”, so that by the time human beings disappear, the planet will be in superlative, flourishing condition.

Try as we might to shirk it, we owe this magnanimous consideration to the “non-human” – to free the “non-human” from human beings. This very disappearance will be the supreme manifestation of humanity. The earth will be left, covered by forests, with their primal innocence restored, with the oceans, the mountains, the depressions, the snowy expanses, the deserts, the islands, the glaciers, the lakes and all the rest. And only the spirits will move in silent merriment upon the face of the waters.

© Pavel Pepperstein, 2010


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