Inspection Medical Hermeneutics enters permanent collection of Pompidou

An early work by Inspection Medical Hermeneutics has been added to the permanent collection of Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris). The installation Side Space of the Sacred in the USSR (aka Amber Room) was acquired by Pompidou as part of the recent gift of contemporary Russian masterpieces from The Vladimir Potanin Foundation. Side Space of the Sacred was created and first exhibited in Vienna in 1992.

Inspection Medical Hermeneutics was a pioneering artists’ collective formed in December 1987 in a squat in Furman Lane in Moscow. The founding members of the group were Pavel Pepperstein, Sergei Anufriev, and Yuri Leiderman. The group created installations and performances which experimented with language and meaning, imagining their work as an investigation into Russian culture at a time of increasing foreign influence following the break-up of the Soviet Union.

The Potanin Foundation gift is currently on exhibition at the Pompidou. The exhibition ‘Collection! Contemporary art in the USSR and Russia, 1950-2000’ will run from 14th Sept until 27th March 2017, after which the pieces will be added to the museum’s permanent collection.

Side Space of the Sacred in the USSR
Image © Inspection Medical Hermeneutics

Side Space of the Sacred in the USSR, detail
Image © Inspection Medical Hermeneutics

Side Space of the Sacred in the USSR, detail
Image © Inspection Medical Hermeneutics





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