Galerie Iragui presents Pepperstein at Art Brussels 2016

A History of Futuristic Hallucinations.

In this series, curated by Pepperstein’s Moscow-based dealer Galerie Iragui, various personages from the past (saints, slaves, neanderthals, Ancient Roman senators, frauleins, Indian and Buddhist ascetics, exalted ladies of the 19th century, British colonial generals, Russian cosmists, prostitutes, monks, kings and the like) are captured in those thrilling moments in their lives when a vision of the distant future opens up before them. The result is a meditation on the connexions between different periods of time, between dates in the past and in the future – connexions which harness the hallucinatory potential of the human consciousness.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAImage © Pavel Pepperstein

The images of the future appear suddenly and unexpectedly, of no apparent use to anybody, and yet manage to bluntly interject themselves into the aesthetic fabric of everyday life, bringing with them elements of other aesthetic codes. Before our eyes the symbolic languages that have been partially forgotten, the languages that we have largely lost the ability to understand, intertwine with languages of which we know nothing and about which we can only have a foreboding. A suprema or a shell floating up from the depths of an ocean can both be a mode of transport allowing the past and the future to consort with one another behind the back of the present moment, which is all too bewitched by itself.

Text © Pavel Pepperstein, 31.01.2016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Image © Pavel Pepperstein

Galerie Iraguie, Art Brussels 21-24 April 2016, Booth A12.

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