The Albertina Museum in Vienna has acquired Pepperstein’s album ‘Day’

Pepperstein’s Album Day is dedicated to 9th May, 1945, marking the Red Army’s final defeat of Nazism. Pepperstein-Day 13

Image © Pavel Pepperstein

The Album as an artistic medium originated in Moscow in the early 1970s, to combine text and image. An Album is normally comprised of several separate sheets of paper (not bound) with original drawings and text. This is not the only type of Album. As well as image and text, there are text only Albums, purely figurative Albums, and abstract Albums. What unites all these styles is that every Album has a concept – an idea that it wants to communicate to the viewer. More than other art forms, the Album is an attempt to educate and persuade, as well as entertain. The co-founders of this genre are Viktor Pivovarov and Ilya Kabakov; early adopters and exponents of the genre include Oleg Vasiliev, Nikita Alexeev, Pavel Pepperstein, Yuri Leiderman.



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