The Overpopulation of the Earth

The Overpopulation of the Earth

Image © Pavel Pepperstein

                                                                                                       “Let there always be the sea!”

Despite all kinds of warnings about the horrors that overpopulation of the Earth will bring with it, humankind stubbornly continues to multiply, while at the same time mercilessly brutalizing the biosphere, annihilating it – everyone knows than man is smashing, ravaging and killing the sumptuous gift that was inexplicably presented to him.

This is the way a spoilt child torments and kills a precious animal that his parents have given to him or her in the hope that the charm of this animal might awaken love in the child’s heart. How does humankind, on the whole very far from pampered, come to possess the attitudes of a detestable child of rich parents?

We are obliged to make the following assumption: this rabid reproduction and the murder of the biosphere are not some defect in the human program, but its fundamental content. Possibly humankind is programmed to fuse into a single entity, after the manner of moss or mould. This entity is ordained to envelop the entire globe of the Earth: a self-enclosed, consolidated anthroposphere, combined in the unitary, living fabric of a new entity, is destined to take the place of the Earth’s biosphere.

If this is the case, humankind has mastered the sector of space immediately surrounding the Earth merely in order gradually to export to it all the elements of the technosphere intended to ensure the safety and support the effective functioning of this unitary organism’s vital processes, i.e. not only all the plants and animals, but all the gadgets too are gradually eliminated from the surface of the earth. This surface is devoted exclusively to humans, and they pack onto it more and more tightly, until their bodies squeeze right up against each other and are transformed into the molecular structure of the new spherical entity.

Thus it turns out that all the centuries of humankind were centuries of the prenatal development of the Unified Anthropos, a reborn Purusha or Pangu or Adam Kadmon from the ancient myths. Indeed, the myths of many tribes speak of the fact that all people were once a single being – a giant who later disintegrated into his microelements, possibly as the result of some unknown cataclysm. Possibly Purusha was struck a shattering blow from outer space. Who knows, perhaps in the course of all these millennia, this gigantic body has been stubbornly gathering itself together, recovering its integral wholeness.

Imagine the globe of the Earth with its entire surface densely covered by a mass of living bodies: in that future, human beings, naked and inseparably fused with each other, will no longer need houses, gadgets and clothes: they will be permeated and connected by a new system of vital functions, the cumulative entity’s system of new internal organs, and since there will be one system of breathing for all, the layer of the moss-like Anthropos will cover not only every single region of dry land, but also the bottom of the ocean and the submerged landscapes of all bodies of water. The technosphere, operating in orbits around the Earth and controlled by the aggregate consciousness of the Anthropos, will maintain the ideal temperature for the various body zones of the spherical giant, and as for nourishment, the body of Purusha will most likely feed, like a plant organism, on light, the juices of the Earth and water.

It would seem likely that the male and female cell-creatures will be arranged in it like black and white squares on a chessboard, and all the elements will exist in a state of constant copulation: the body of Purusha will become a gigantic orgy, broadcasting vibrations and signals of ecstasy into space. In any event, that will be the situation in the “erogenous zones” of this body, and in all likelihood such zones will constitute no less than 80% of the sphere, while the remaining 20% will be devoted to drifting zones of sleep. Possibly in the beginning death and birth will still be preserved in the form of old cells atrophying and new ones being generated, but as the Anthropos progressively adapts to the atmosphere and body of the Earth, on which it is destined to live its parasitical life, it may possibly succeed in achieving secure immortality and eternal youth for all its cell-creatures.

Is not this how it will be, the day towards which humankind is slowly advancing, despite the overwhelming nightmares? Will not this be the form of the regained nakedness of paradise?

(From the book “The Secret of Our Time”)

© Pavel Pepperstein, 2008


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