Pepperstein explores the interplay between politics and his art in L’Officiel: An Interview with Pavel Pepperstein.

Pepperstein-LOfficient Art, 2014

“Inspired on the one hand by the aesthetic of the political poster, and on the other by such classical works of 20th century art as Malevich’s Black Square and Jasper Johns’ Three Flags, I made this drawing in the desire to create an iconographic image of the conflict and misunderstanding, which, in conjunction, generate the abyss that periodically gapes between Russia and the USA. Now is precisely such a moment – we are facing the abyss again. The American Leviathan chokes on Russian inscrutability, like a bone stuck in its throat. This brings no joy to the golden fish that aspires to global domination. Nor does it bring any joy to the world that is stuck in its gullet.”

© Pavel Pepperstein, 2014

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