Crimea. It’s not a Crime!

Crimea it's not a Crime!

Crimea it’s not a Crime!

The world is living through a moment so dangerous for all the inhabitants of Earth that it can only be compared with the Caribbean crisis of the 1960s. Regarding the escalation of the crisis involving Ukraine and the Crimea, regarding the events taking place in that region, which raise the spectre of a Third World War (a war in which there will be no victors, only casualties) I call on the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, the European Union and the USA to meet without further delay to discuss a way of settling this conflict, which is fraught with immense danger on a global scale. Only one thing can save the situation in the world: the USA, Russia, Ukraine and the European Union must conclude an agreement on the complete demilitarization of Ukraine and the establishment in the Crimea of a special status zone (possibly under the aegis of the UN and UNESCO). The Crimea must be declared a republic of health and recreation, a completely demilitarized zone, a highly prized nature reserve and cultural sanctuary, from which the military forces of all countries must be withdrawn. It would be desirable to reach an agreement on the complete demilitarization of the entire Black Sea basin – to dismantle the military bases of all countries in this region, to exclude any military presence, no matter whose, and declare this region a zone of peace, dedicated exclusively to people’s recreation and health. This is the best and at the same time the only solution. Only recently this might have seemed utopian, but today it is the only way to preserve peace in Europe. In formal terms the Crimea can remain part of Ukraine, or it can be granted a special international status – as a zone of nature reserves, health resorts and holiday destinations. This should satisfy all sides. Otherwise, if such an agreement is not reached, it will mean the world being plunged into the abyss of war. There is simply no other way out of the situation that has arisen.
© Pavel Pepperstein, 2014

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